The Turron Museum celebrates the International Museum Day with free entry, tastings and gifts

The Museo del Turrón will be celebrating International Museum Day on Wednesday May 18 with free entry, tastings, and gifts.


In celebrating the event, its aim will be to recount the history of the nougat industry and to provide information on the nougat and marzipan manufacturing processes, their marketing and distribution, and on the main characters that have contributed to their long history.

To celebrate International Museum Day, the Museo del Turrón will be offering free tasting of a wide range of products, including the traditional nougats from Jijona and Alicante as well as other Christmas sweets and chocolates.

Visitors will also be offered 50% discounts on all the Museum’s books and merchandising and a free nougat cutter with every product bought.

Jijona’s Museo del Turrón forms part of the Province of Alicante’s Industrial Tourism Network and is recognised as an official museum of Valencia by the Region’s Generalitat.



The Museo del Turrón is to participate in a new edition of the tapas route, “Tapeando con Turrón por Jijona”, awarding the prize for the Best Presentation and opening its doors as part of the gastronomic route which will end on May 29.

The Museum, which will be handing out “tapassports” for scoring the different tapas, will provide an additional stopping point on the gastronomic route at which visitors will be able to learn more about the history and development of what is one of the world’s oldest sweets. Its three floors will offer an insight into the sector and its longstanding traditions and into the raw materials and production and marketing processes used over the course of its extended history.


We celebrate the International Museum Day

cartel dia de los museos_masbaja

The Nougat Museum will held next Monday May the 18th the International Museum Day with free entrance, free gifts and an extensive products tasting, including traditional nougat of Alicante and Jijona, through typical sweets like marzipan and also chocolates, among others.
In addition, visitors will enjoy a 50% discount in all the bibliography of the Museum of Nougat and merchandising, besides receiving gifts such as nougat slicer by buying products in the Museum shop. The little ones will also be surprised with stickers.

Museum facilities allow to see at first-hand the manufacturing processes of nougat and marzipan, the promotion and distribution, stars of the nougat industry and all the details of the preparation of nougat throughout its history. Integrated into Industrial Tourism Network of the Province of Alicante and recognized by the Generalitat Valenciana as the official museum of Valencia, Nougat Museum has a yearly inflow of around 50,000 visitors.

For further information please contact Phone: +34 965 610 712


Schedules 9th October

Next Thursday, 9th October, day of the Valencia Community, the Museum of Turron will open its doors in regular schedule including the visit of the production process.
10:00-13:00 // 16:00-18:15

However, next Friday, 10th October, the Museum of Turron open with its regular schedule, but there will be no possibility to visit the production process.


Awards “Tapeando con Turrón por Jijona”

Confectionary Holding Ltd.,  group which belongs to the Museum of Turron, has awarded the “TAPA” with the best presentation of the event “Taeando con Turrón por Jijona”. The winner was Cafe Bar Oro Negro, that winner with L´Hort de Joanet. It’s a ‘toasted’ bread, with serrano ham grilled, coated with a layer of vegetables ‘poached’ under a sauce nougat and peas.

L'Hort de Joanet
L´Hort de Joanet_ Best Presentation

This event was organized by the city of Jijona between May 5 and June 1, has participated a total of 25 establishments, bars, restaurants, pubs, cafés & Hotels.

Museum & gastronomy: A perfect combination.

International Day of Museums

On Sunday, may 18 is celebrated the International day of Museums.
It is for this reason that on Monday, 19th May, the Museum of Turron is preparing something special for all people who come to our museum to travel through the history of a product so typical and traditional, the turron (nougat)

Free admission, tasting of products of different products and flavors (nougat, chocolate, candies…), discount of 50% in the bibliography of the Museum are some of the benefits that you can obtain visiting the Museum next Monday, 19th MAy.


April & Turron Museum

Turron Museum prepares these special dates of April for all visitors who come to the Museum to learn about the history of our typical and delicious product, Turrón /Nougat.
From April 7th-27th we extend the timetible of visits, adding a new pass at 6:15 p.m and opening on Sundays and holidays too.
For more information consult the opnening hours and prices WITH mUSEUM
We are preparing also the Museum DAy (May 18th) . We celebrate it on 19th May, with many surprises that soon we will tell them. Portada_Metates

Special cards

Turron Museum, since 1968. Currently is an Official Museum of Comunidad Valenciana. The Museum is a tourist attraction for all visitors.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
A journey through the history of Turron and its production, information and curiosities… And… not only that, because the route of our Museum includes the visit of production process of this typical spanish sweet!!!!
These special cards are cards with old images about historical installations, and old images of the Brands of El Lobo and 1880. You can buy them but also you can send them whoever you want through a digital franking machine that Museum aquired last year.